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Holidays & Closure Dates

July 2022-June 2023

I’d also like to add ‘activities’ to these, where we can get some Family Activities planned, along with setting dates for play dates for incoming preschoolers…will be looking for a small committee or two-three people to do this.

Our paid holidays include full time staff, who have worked a minimum of 90 days with Laker Prep, at time of holiday.

·           July, 2022

o   4thClosed-Paid Holiday-Independence Day

·           August, 2022

o   None at this time

·           September

o   5thClosed - Paid Holiday-Labor Day

o   9thClosed for Kids; Staff Development Day 8:00-4:00 p.m

·           October, 2022

o   None at this time

·           November

o   2nd Closing at 1:00 for children; Staff Collaboration 1:30-3:30

o   24-25thClosed-Paid Holiday-Thanksgiving Break

·           December

o   26th-30thClosed-Winter Break

§  Full time/eligible staff will be paid Dec 26-Dec 28 for Holiday Pay; if you want to be paid for Dec 29-Dec 30, will need to use PTO.  There will be nonadditional time off requests approved for Dec 23 or Jan 3.

·           January,2023

o   2nd-ClosedPaid Holiday-New Year’s Day

·           February,2023

o   20th-Closed-StaffDevelopment Day 8:00-4:00

·           March,2023

o   None at this time

·           April,2023

o   7thClosing at 1:00 for children; Staff Collaboration 1:30-3:30

·           May,2023

o   29thClosed-Paid Holiday-Memorial Day